At Ed & Lil Tanguay's

     This was shot last time we visited back east.  It is Ed's dining room and Ed's wife Lil must have said something funny from the look on our faces.   Lil is all i ever knew her by so i do not even know what Lil's full first name is.  Lil impressed me very much too with her intelligence.  Lil had a practical sense of judgment that saw through smoke screens and captured the critical items in the situation.  I used to marvel at some of her revelations.  Of course i did not ever let her know i was enthralled with her intelligence and insights because i was only in my early 20's at the time and what kid of 20 would ever admit anything like that?  At least in those days.  Today with the new shifts in the grid it is different.  Now the indigo babies know who they are and do not have to make believe they were something else,  like we used to do under the fear based influence of the old energy.