That "Pesky" Vortex
(Quantum physics at work)

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 Hoo'da tunk it, eh?
     Ten years ago, i had never heard of a vortex, nor much at all about quantum physics, and other strange and marvelous things that have been invading our little reality ever since the 11:11.    I really do not know what a vortex is, except for the fact that it is an energy force that connects our normal reality with a place where it appears that the laws of physics no longer apply in the same way as they did, a decade and a half ago.   The displacement may be in time, or in space, or in both, or even in "other".   I never worry about the mechanics or the logistics of a procedure.    If it works, then i use it.  It is that simple.  I have long ago stopped wondering why things happen, or where they will happen or when they will happen or who they will happen to.     I do not have to understand it to use it.   I never  intentionally waste time pondering why something happened, or seeking other (anal retentive) information about a particular incident to understand that the incident either effects me or it does not.  If it does not,  (..many areas of association here how ever..) then i ignore it.  If it does effect me or my loved ones in any way, then i ask myself only one question:   "What must i do to make it good for everybody"? , especially myself.

The mystery begins
     The Vortex exercise i went through a few years ago using a routine for creating a vortex is starting to come back and make my life a bit more interesting these days.     My home is either infested with vortices, or we have a very mischievous one who travels around a whole bunch.  I prefer to go with the latter, because if i give it an identity, i can communicate with it, in some way.   That rascal roams through the house, "snatching" up things and whisking them off to some place that no longer is part of my 4 dimensional reality, or that of my family's.   Some times the items come back again, reappearing in another location, or the same one from which they were last known to be.  It is completely random as far as i can determine from my limited retention of all the facts in all the cases.   The only thing that becomes both a minor annoyance and a curious and fascinating phenomenon for me is that things keep disappearing and reappearing again.  Well, that is when all is right, some times things do not come back at all.   Some times things come back miles from the place where they disappeared, such as my keys that i lost on the beach in Coronado, CA. 


Starting small  
      That story involves small items, things that can be easily misplaced, although after turning out all one's pockets, and noting that absolutely nothing was in them, then it is strange that a set of keys can reappear miles from where they disappeared, reappearing in the very pocket in which they were before they vanished, even though that pocket was separated by time and space.  When they reappeared in my pocket, my jacket was hanging on a chair in the dining area of my  home, miles from the sandy beach where they were last known to be however in spite of the distance between the place they were lost, and the place in which they reappeared, they did come back to the same pocket that they were last seen in, even though it was hanging on a chair, and miles away.   It is though the keys and the pocket were some how connected.  Did i make that happen when i told myself, put the keys in a secure pocket?   Was energy set up at that time to tie the keys and the pocket together?   I love to think of fantasies like this and realize that they are no longer fantasies.  We live in the land of Zanth.

Bigger and better         
      The latest little mischief that our, little wandering vortex, has befuddled us with was my funnel.   I like, "Crystal Lite", drink because it is zero on all the nutrition values, so i can drink it like water and not gain weight.   The good part is that is is so very flavorful that is is stronger than many other watered down drinks priced multiples higher.   When i make my crystal lite, i put my aluminum funnel into the neck of a half filled gallon jug and pour the contents of my powdered drink into the funnel.   Well i keep my funnel in my personal cabinet above the telephone in the kitchen, on the top shelve.  I have kept it there from the day i bought it, years ago.  
I went to make some drink for myself last week (12-12-07) and my funnel was gone.  I looked in all of the three shelves in my little cupboard and my funnel was not there.   I pushed everything out of the way to look all the way to the back and still there was no funnel.  My dear wife, Sonja, said she had not seen it, and she too looked in the cupboard to affirm that it was not there.    That was 6 days ago, and yesterday morning, i opened my cupboard to get some brown sugar, and, "Lo, and behold"..., right there on the 1st shelf (not the top one) was my funnel, in plain site, magically reappearing in a house that was locked with only 5 occupants,  3 of which were canines of the Pomeranian variety(two of them normal breed and one was a "toy"). neither of which were able to reach 5 feet into the air and monkey around with my funnel.   Sonja was a bit scared because she is a little "goosey" when it comes to spirits, but this is not a poltergeist, this is something else and i think i got that concept across to her so she is only amused and irritated, rather than frightened.

I get it.... This is candid camera.... right?
     I suppose the most spectacular event of this nature that happened to us at the time of, this writing, was in the late summer  of 2007.  Sonja brought home a lovely little seedless water melon for us to eat.  We have a marvelous produce market ( Henry's) a few blocks east of us that always has the best produce at the best prices and they had a special on these yummy little thirst quenchers.  Sonja put the watermelon on our kitchen counter when she got home from shopping, and i even thought of cutting it up that same day, to the point that i even carried it over to the "cutting board", to do the deed.  I don't know why i changed my mind now, but,   i did.  Instead of cutting it up i put it back on the counter where it sat for the rest of the day.   We were alone in the house, which has security bars on all the doors and windows.  Nobody has the inner keys to the house other than Sonja and myself, yet when we awoke in the morning, our little vortex had gobbled up our watermelon.   It was GONE !   We both looked all over the house, and i even gave a mock interrogation on all the dogs, but in spite of all our endeavors,  the watermelon was gone, disappeared, vanished into thin air, as the cleché goes.   I guess, where ever it was sent, they really like watermelon because it never came back again.  This is one of the times that some disappearing object had vanished from where it was kept and NOT been returned, either to it's original location or any where else in the universe that is observable to us, in the time that we have determined it should manifest.  The emphasis on this, i guess might be the single bit of information that represents "WE", and how it is applied to us specifically with regard to what is determined to be time, and most importantly, by whom?    If this watermelon ever shows up again, it better still not have any bite marks on it and it better still be fresh.

Be Happy, don't worry..   
      I have found that if i do not reward myself from time to time with little material frivolities, spirit takes care of that for me.  I have been blessed with a dear friend and soul mate who has recently moved away from us and has re-located in Las Vegas.  He has nurtured me, and made it easier for me to find the path upon which i have found my heart's desire.   I help him, now to spread the light, in a small way but  it used to be more hectic.    Now it is an easy job, and if anybody of a spiritual nature is interested, you may want to check out his web site.  It is a marvelous source of guidance, if that is what one seeks, or reassurance, if that is what one is looking for to help them understand their own emerging powers.   It may also be a guide to answers you may have to other questions that re-occur in our everyday lives.  However, in all cases, everything is consigned to your own personal discernment, to consider as a gem that can be used to enhance your life, or something that was left there for somebody else, not to be judged, only left for the intended recipient.

How do i know it is meant for me?
     If, what ever you witness, resonates with you, and by that i mean it evokes a strong and for the most part, a surprising reaction emotionally then it may resonate with you, especially if it brings out the loving nature in you and urges you to share that love.   Things that resonate with you come from spiritual sources.  Karmic history perhaps, or what ever future history. ( Now that is a concept to ponder.  How do we know that we are not part of somebody else's past?)  
     If What you witness means little or nothing to you, then it is not meant for you.   It was placed there for somebody else, and you only happened to see it.  It meant nothing to you because it was not meant for you, but for somebody who is in tune with that frequency.  If it does not mean anything to you, then leave it without any judgment, it may be precious to some other soul.

      Any how, i am starting to believe that realities may be farther separated than i first imagined them to be and that there are time/space currents and eddies flowing around us that,  if we believe to be there, do, exist and can manifest them selves to us and those around us who may  not believe but still can witness the event."   I am not saying that skeptics are immune, at least not for long.  When it happens to you, then it will be a mystery to you about, "how in the world you could have possibly misplaced something that big.".  And if it comes back, then you get a kick in the 3-D head, to boot.   The neat thing about skeptics is that ALL skeptics with out doubt have never had a spiritual experience that they recognized as such.  When physical objects start to vanish as soon as some body is not looking, then that goes a long way to help one realize that things are not all the way we were taught to believe and the human mind is now a viable part of the equation.  As has been now proven, quantum physics is a real force in the universe in which we live, and in a quantum universe vortexes are nothing more significant than dust devils or tornadoes are in the 3-D world.  So hang on to your hat, literally, somebody in an alternate earth may take a fancy to it when it disappears from your reality and decide to keep it, or in the case of my watermelon, eat it.   I cannot be the only person in the world to whom this is happening.  Nobody is that unique or special.  Your time is coming when this happens to you. (evil cackle, meant in jest)

JP 12-18-2007