My Help Project

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    I attend the, Sierra Vista, School in Vista, California, where i am in a class with several of my disabled friends.  I, myself, am a victim of Cerebral Palsy but i am so much better off than my friends that i can help them all.  I can make them happy by telling them stories, and by helping them to find a little joy in their lives.
      I love to make them smile and touch them, hold their hands, and talk to them.   It make them happy and it also makes my project worth while, bringing a little cheer into the lives of those less fortunate than myself.    Here are some photos of my friends, whom i am currently helping.   
      I am a, lightworker, and this is what I love to do, it is my passion to help others to enjoy life as much as i do.

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Kristyana, me & Edgar


Sa-Eli, me & Kristyana

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