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Last Update on July 12, 2010

           Hello Visitors', to the, "Tyler J Ervin Web site". I am going through some big changes in my life since my mom passed away.   I have moved in with my grandparents but i soon will be moving again to another place where i may not have as much contact with you all as i do now.   However my web site will still be here and welcome to all visitors. I will still be available at my email addresses, of which i have many to choose from.

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      Greetings Visitor, and welcome to my Web Site.    I am Tyler J. Ervin, and i live in Southern California.   I am 20 years old and I am really into American Indians, and the early American lore, artifacts and history.   You will see many examples of the early American crafts on my site, which were all hand crafted by my friend, Don (Slow Walker) Morgan, who lives in the middle of the state of Maine.   My other good friend, Jean-Paul (JP) Déry, built my web site for me.   JP lives around 40 miles south of me, down near the Mexican border.
     I have made sound files of the text used on my site, so if you want to listen, instead of reed my narration, just click on the link that appears above the text, and give it a second or two to load.
I own my own company, "Tyler Ervin enterprises". I have no other people working for me. I go to the Sierra Vista High School here in Vista, CA.  I used to go to school in, Escondido, CA but my mom died in January and i had to move in with my Grand Parents in Vista. My Dad died a few years ago so i only have my grandma and my grandpa now.   I also have some international friends in Europe with whom i exchange emails.
      I hope you enjoy your visit and will return from time to time to see all the changes that i will be making to my site.   Please write to me and let me know if you enjoyed my site, and even write to me if you did not enjoy it.   Just let me know what your suggestions are to improve things here in my little piece of the internet.  You will find my many email addresses on my "Contacts" page.