4 different ways to view a 3-D model

    Most of these models are of building projects that i have made or intended to make.  Before i ever buy a nail or screw or piece of wood for a project, i build that project in the computer first.  I model it in three dimensional space so that when i am finished, i have the actual model of the project that i can view from any angle, slice up and extract cross sections, calculate mass properties, etc...   In all respects, it IS the project and is subject to interaction just as the real one would do.   If i want a hole in a certain place i put one there and the material that was there in the model is now gone, replaced by the hole.   I can zoom in and look through the hole at the world if i want to.   I can construct a little room that is so small in the real wold that it is no higher than a piece of cardboard is thick, and go inside that room and look out of the windows, if i want to.   All in cyber space.  There are very few physical restrictions in cyber space.
    When viewing these models in the modeling program i have 4 ways of looking at them.  I can see the model in wireframe, hidden lines removed, shaded, or rendered.   Lets look at the differences:

In a "wire frame" view, one can see all of the lines in the model, as though the entire model was made of a clear plastic, or glass. One can see every detail and this is the view i use the most when i am building a model because you can see and capture any line.


In a "shaded" view you can get a quick view of the model which looks a little more like the real thing, or more accurately, an illustration of the model. The shaded view generates in about the same time as the hidden view but much faster than the rendered view

In a "hidden line removal" view one can still see the outline of the model however all the lines which lie behind other lines are hidden from view, making the model look a little less confused in cases where there are a lot of hidden lines. This type of display takes longer to generate than the wireframe.

In a "rendered" view, the model looks almost like a photograph of the object. One can use colors which closely match the real world object and when the rendering option is used then the wire frame, or any other display mode changes to a realistic image of the model. This is the best mode to use when making presentations for viewing.

    You can see a good example of what the different viewing modes look like from these pictures above.  Each different mode has it's own use and i use them all during the process of building a model.


(rendered views)