Barbara (Stitch) Reimer

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   Stitch is what everybody called Barbara, and i am not even sure i got her last name spelled correctly because i rarely ever used it. Stitch is a nurse or was before she retired. She lives in Manitoba Canada and i met Stitch when i used to chat on 3's place, a web site chat room where i used to hang out with my friends. We had many a laugh at Shelly 3's place in those days.
    Stitch inspired me one time to build her a pan flute, and don't ask me how she did that because i still don't know. heh heh    Any how i made one for her that i wished i had for myself today, it was a very nice job. I sent it to her in Canada, and i hope she is at least taking it out once in a while to play it, i hate to think of my baby sitting on a shelf some where picking up dust instead of broadcasting music