Claire DeSpirito

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What can i say about my pal Claire, my virtual Sister. Claire was born a Déry, but changed her name when she married. I am sure we are related somewhere down the line but unfortunately she does not have much of a record of her family tree so we cannot check that out. She met me by looking through the internet for more people with her maiden name and found my Son Mark. When she wrote to me, he turned her on to me and that started a great relationship. Claire is a widow living in Rhode Island and i went to visit her for a couple of days a few years ago. She likes to play chess, and she has a pool table in her home so we had a lot of fun together playing games. I blew her away with a "Scholar's Mate", two games in a row before she found out what i was doing. A scholar's mate is a check mate in only 4 moves. She was dumfounded and could not believe i beat her twice in only four moves.