Déry's & the Morgan's

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     From left to right, starting with the back row, it is Valora, Don's wife, and next to her is Don himself. In the front row from left to right are my brother, Noel, my wife, Sonja and behind her, is my shaggy head
     This was taken in 2008 out in Son's front yard. When ever we visit Don my brother also comes up as it is only a few hours drive from his place in Southern Vermont to Don's place in Charleston, ME.
     This year Don came to California for the first time. He had never been this far west yet so it was a first for him. Next year we will go to his place in August so that we can coordinate out visit with some guests we have coming to see us from Athens, Greece. My dear friends Elena and Mary will be coming with their hubbies to spend a week of so with us in the wilderness of the Maine woods.