Daniel Mendoza

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     Daniel is a relatively short time friend and compared to some of my friends, his is a newbie. Don't let that fool you because Daniel is one of my best friends now. He is the kind of guy you would want to have for a friend. He cares about his friends and he shows that concern in his actions. Daniel is a super guy, who thinks nothing at all of personal sacrifice for a friend. Another buddy of mine was saying for years he would fix our heating system, and it never happened.      Daniel heard me complaining that all the duct work was broken, and he said, get me the materials and i will do that for you. He never charged me a penny, and he had to crawl up in that tiny crawl space above the rafters to each and every air vend and install new air piping to them all. Thanks to Daniel we have heat in the winter now.
    When i had my stroke, he was with me and he worried more than i did about it. He is just a general all round good guy, and i am happy to have him as a friend. Daniel has a little boy, and another baby on the way. He and his lady Nancy live here now, since the crime rate in Tijuana rose so high he no longer felt safe there so he came across the border and lives here now.