Don & Barbara Licthenberger

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     Don and i were shipmates on the Navy vessel, the USS Des Moines, CA-134 together. We called him Snoopy then, as most of the crew had nick names. In the machine shop we had, Preacher, Tramp, Slob, Animal, just to name a few, and Don's handle was Snoopy, after Schultz's famous beagle of the same name. I lost all contact with snoopy when we put the Daisy Mae, our nick name for the ship, out of commission.      They sent me off to Antarctica and my brother to Iceland, and the rest of the crew was scattered all over the place i guess. It was not till recently i found his address and got in touch with Barbara who apparently does all his writing for him. I have not ever received a letter from Snoop himself but he may be like another ship mate, Dale Baron, who has his son do all his typing for him.