Don Morgan & JP -1958

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     Here is the other half of that crazy pair, JP and Don. As always we hardly knew which way was up or down, heh heh. We were clowning down by Durrs pond that day and i think that we were even awol from word that afternoon.
     Don and i used to go to lunch at the corner bar and grill and we would order a pitcher of beer each, to drink with our hamburgers that we would buy for lunch on Friday, which was payday. The fools used to pay us before lunch time and paid us in cash money, so when Don and i had lunch and after our pitcher and burger, we were still in the mood, we would order another burger and two more pitchers.
      You can see by this photo what the results of that practice brought for us. We never went back to work but went off to play someplace else. I used to get Don in trouble all the time with his wife but oh boy, did we have fun together.