Don Morgan

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     Here is the man. My best buddy, since 1958, Don Morgan. We had some great adventures together and along with our dear departed buddy Howie, we formed the terrible trio. Don and i lost contact for a decade but now we see each other at least once a year. He lives in the north east and i live in the south west so there is around 3,000 miles between us. Don was from northern Maine and he never got Maine out of his system so when it wasn't any more fun at CECO after i left to go into the Navy, Don tossed in the towel also and moved back to Maine, where he flourished like a weed.
      Don and his pretty wife Valora live outside Bangor, Maine on Don's two hundred acre house lot, heh heh. He has done wonders with his place and with his life, i could not love this man any more if he were my own blood brother.