Ed Tanguay

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    This gentle soul is my old mentor, Ed Tanguay. Ed and i were great friends and i learned a lot from him. He was the kindest man i think i ever met, and he did a lot to calm me down by setting an example for me how to live without the necessity of punching somebody out when they displeased me.  
    Ed was an excellent tool maker and he was always an inspiration for me.  Ed told me one day i should be a teacher and i thought he was coo-coo but in later years, after i moved to California that is just what i did. When i was a computer graphics engineer, i was teaching both in industry and in College.  I always remembered his words about teaching and thought them quite prophetic, Ed knew me better than i knew my self it seems.
     Ed was one of the people that Don and i visited on our odyssey through Connecticut visiting friends who may not live much longer. Ed died a year of two after that visit and we had a marvelous visit with him. It was like old times because we got Charlie Uznanski to come by too, and Don and i worked together in the shop with Charlie and Ed. It was like an old shop reunion for us. Ed was deeply touched by our visit and the love was flowing freely.