Elena & Takis

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     Here is my dear friend Elena with her soul mate Takis, whom although new to the relationship, she has been waiting for him to show up for almost 12 years now. Everything happens in it's own time and it was not time for him to make an appearance before now, but now the time is right and he has made Elena's life complete. For that i am very grateful to him and welcome him as a friend of mine also.
     Elena was my ticket off of the lightworker.com train i was riding for a decade. My health and other issues caused me to start looking for a replacement to take over the Translation program. Just when i needed her the most, she showed up and volunteered for more work than just leading the Greek translation team. That was my wake up call and that was when i turned over the entire translation project to her capable hands.
     Elena took over and did a bang-up job with the site, dressing it up and making so many improvements it almost embarrassed me for not doing some of the changes myself when i was translation manager. I love her dearly, and she has a spirit that is nothing short of angelic.