Elena Boussi

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     Here she is, my savior from the lightworker tasks i had committed to. Elena Boussi. Elena came to us wanting to translate the Beacons of light into Greek, and of course i said welcome, and she quickly became the team leader. She also had, on her own, built an entire lightworker site in Greek which of course we added to our list of lightworker sites in other languages. Elena also maintains another web forum and has her own Jewelry business. She is quite capable and any task i gave her she did with ease.
      She asked me one day if there was some more that she could do, and i immediately saw that here was my replacement, right in front of my eyes and asking for more to do. I suggested she take over the Translation project for Lighworker.com and she agreed.
      I was amazed at the fabulous job she die on the site, making changes right away that really dressed up the old stale pages i had left behind. She was a treasure for me and i just love her to pieces. She is a fantastic leader and already has become a spiritual leader for a small group of light workers there in Athens Greece, who meet once a week or so to discuss things spiritual and just have fun together. I am very proud of Elena.