Howie & Carol Heslin

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     Howie had lost his eyesight by the time i visited him at the time this show was taken. His daughter Carol took marvelous care of him in his fading years. Being with him constantly and caring for his needs. You can see his headphones in this photo, which was his sole source of entertainment by this time.
    I used to make CD's for him, with myself talking, like i was with him there in his darkness, and putting musical selections on them also that he had requested me to find for him. Howie and i were into folk music since we were kids, and this carried over into Country music which he really likes. He told me later that he loved those CD's and would play them in the wee hours when he could not sleep, and it seemed like he was no longer alone, but had me with him there, talking and playing music for him. Howie was crushed when he had to go back into the hospital when Don and i drove to Connecticut to visit him, but we saw him two days running before we moved on in our little odyssey to visit our failing friends.