Howie & JP 1957

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Talk about skinny.. geez, look at these two. That is me with the flippers and my buddy Howie sitting on a rock down at the old Brownstone Quarry where we used to swim, skin dive and jump off the cliffs. This was a great swimming hole and it was introduced to us by none other than Don Morgan himself. He used to live in Middletown, just across the Portland bridge from the town of Portland CT where the quarry ran past Silver Street. There were many cliffs of different heights around the quarry and all of them had names. It was customary to shout the name of the jump as one stepped out into open air for the plunge to the water. The highest one was called Silver Street, some times mispronounced, "Silver Streak", and it was 104 feet high, as calculated by dropping a rock from the top and timing the decent to the water. It turned out to be 2 and 2/3 seconds and when we hit the water, we would be going 57 mph. Don was the only one with nerve enough to jump Silver street.