JP & Janice Coop 1940

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     Janice Coop was my first girlfriend and you can see us here in front of my house at 26 Hawkins St. in New Britain, CT. Not only is the house not there any more but half of Hawking street where the house once stood is also gone, absorbed by the New Britain General Hospital.
     Janice lived on the next block, on Camp st. and her house was back to back with our house on Hawkins st. The fastest way to her place was to jump off the 6 foot high wall at the end of our property and down into her yard. I can remember her mom kicking us out of the house because we used to like to lie on the floor in the kitchen while she was working and look up her dress, heh heh. Geez, what kids do for amusement.
     I can remember this day just like it was yesterday and i had told Janice that when somebody takes your picture, you are supposed to sneeze, and that is what we are trying to do in this photo, as you can see, i am in the middle of a big Ah chOO. I can remember the sun was especially bright and a bit blinding that day.