JP, Noel, & the gang 1945

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     Here are the kids from our street, back in the mid 40's. See if you can pick me and my brother out of this photo. The kids here are Jimmy Cronnin, Roger Steinberg and Johnny Morris along with Noel and myself. Jimmy's sister Patty took this photo and i can remember clearly the day she did it, we were standing in front of the house next door to the Cronnin's place.
     Roger, died in Korea, Jimmy grew up to be a policeman like his dad, and i never knew what happened to Johnny. Noel and i were sort of little terrors and when ever we walked down the street you could hear all the whistles blowing to call the children inside.
      All the mothers had whistle signals to call home the kids. Ours was one long blast and two short ones. Morris Code for the letter "D", for Déry.