Jef Falk

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     My buddy, and computer guru, Jef has been a friend since the late 70's when he was hired to come and straighten out our computer system which was apparently locked by the computer systems people when they all quit en masse and left our company over a dispute. They made it very difficult to get the system running again, but Jef had it all up and running before the day was out.
      They later hired him direct to work on the computers and we became great friends. Jef is a very intelligent man, and anybody who knows me knows that i revere intelligence and like to be around smart folks.
      Jef recently divorced, remarried and separated again. I have not heard from him in a while, so i guess we are due for another reunion soon. I guess i also impressed Jef with my ability to pick up on the computers very quickly, and after only being in the program for 6 months, i had two year veterans coming to me for help, thanks to Jef's tutoring.