Jim & Karen Evens

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     Here are Jim and Karen Evans. When i met Karen, she was Karen Childress and she was our main fiddle player in our little blue grass band we had in the 80's. We were called Rural Delivery, and we were together for almost 5 years i am thinking. When i got in to computers i had to go on nights and since our gigs were mostly at night, i had to quit the band to go to school. Karen met Jim later on and they clicked. I am happy for that because Jim in one of my best buddies and just about my only "pickin' buddy". Every so often Jim will come by and we will play music together.
      I no longer play any of my stringed instruments but i still play the breath ones, pan flute, harmonica, quena, etc...
Some times Jim brings his friend who plays clarinet and we all three jam together. I really miss the days when we all used to play together, it was a most marvelous time indeed, and filled with beautiful memories.