Keith & Mirra Smith

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     Keith is an Iridologist, and a herbalist. I think his wife Mirra was a stewardess at one time.   I think i remember her telling me that once. They live around 50 miles north of me in a place called Escondido. Keith owns an Herb shop there and for several months i was one of his customers. I met Keith at a lightworker seminar where he was giving a talk on a condition called reverse polarity. I help them with their computer also, building a web site for them or something.
      I cannot remember much these days as my memory is getting worse by the week. I wish i had a nickel for every time i went into a room, stood there a moment, and had to back where i came from because i had no idea why i went there in the first place. heh heh. Welcome to senior citizenry buddy