Lil Tanguay

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    Lil was my friend Ed Tanguay's wife, and she is shown here preparing a lunch for us during our last visit to see them. They lived in Canton, CT and had a nice little place nestled in a wooded area of the state. This was during the visit when we got Charlie Uznanski to come with us to see Ed. Charlie and Ed had not seen each other since Ed retired and left the shop. Lil was a very intelligent lady and i had a lot of respect for her and her ideas.
     I met Lil and Ed when they lived in New Britain, CT. For a while Ed owned a hobby shop in town, named Tanguay's, of course. I had often visited his shop which was run by his sister in law, whom i had a crush on when i was a kid. That was many years before i actually met Ed and became his friend.