Lynn Ramsey

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I met Lynn when he was dating our daughter Melissa. He was 16 at the time and running with a gang down in the river bottom in south Chula Vista. One day two strangers came into my yard looking for him. They were teachers from his school and had come to warn me about Lynn, saying he was a trouble maker with a very short fuse and if i was smart i would not let Melissa run around with him. That was all i had to hear and i invited them to get out of my yard, i would make my own mind up about people dating our daughter.

I guess i had a good influence on Lynn, because he straightened out, stopped running with his old crowd, who almost all ended up in prison, and he began working for a living, eventually learning the Air conditioning / heating business and today is a foreman on the site, with loads of responsibility.
Lynn is like a virtual son to me, and i am very proud of the way he has turned his live around and became a solid citizen. Lynn is from the island of Guam, and is a big husky island boy.