Melissa Singo

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    My apologies again for posting another family member in the Friends album but fixing this would take a lot of work and time, so i will leave it this way and hope i did not put more family in this one.
     Melissa was much younger when this was taken and a lot of water has run under her bridges since then. Melissa never married and today is in her mid 30's and i doubt that she is even looking for a husband. She is a free spirit and likes her freedom i am thinking from the way that she lives. Melissa has never put down any roots and the term "Rolling Stone", fits her pretty well. She lives for the day, and does not give a thought to tomorrow.
      Melissa has always had a knack for getting people involved in her projects and any time Sonja and i needed some help to so something to the home, Melissa would get busy and have her friends come by to do the work for us. She is very persuasive when she wants to pour on the charm.
      Melissa has one daughter, Alexis, who currently lives with Sonja and i, while she is going to school to become a pharmacist's assistant. Alexis just turned 19.