Onur Toplu

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     Ah, my buddy Onur, is a guy i would love to go to the pub with. After a while the dormant Turkish team was revived by Onur, who took over the position of team leader and brought the site to life again. I really like this guy, hey a guy that looks like Tony Soprano can't be all good. He looks like a party guy, heh heh.
     I have already mentioned that i admire intelligence and this man has it in abundance. Onur is an Engineer and he has recently relocated from the UK back to Turkey where he will start looking for some new and fun way to make a living and get ready for his retirement.
      I told him i can see him running a boat livery, sitting under a big umbrella with a big fat cuban cigar in his hand and a drink with a little umbrella in it, in his other hand, and bossing his help around. Way to go Onur