Pam Webber

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    This is Pam whom i met through my oldest friend Karen Pio. When Karen started out on the computer Prodigy was THE program, and she was having a hard time with that so Pam who was pretty good with computers came to her rescue and through that connection i met pam and she became my friend also. Pam lives in Roanoke, VA with her husband Craig.
      When she told me that she was taking banjo lessons, i offered to give her my banjo which i had not played in almost 20 years. She jumped at the chance until i told her that i would not send it to her, and if she wanted it then she had to come out here to California and get it, which she did. Pam stayed with us for a week, and when she went home again, she took the banjo which was now hers.
      I think that now Pam has around three banjos. Here she is in my computer room with my banjo. We had a nice visit and just sort of kicked back and relaxed for a while, which was a good rest for her.