Roddy Baker & his wife

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     This is my new chess buddy Roddy Baker and his wife, who's name escapes me for the moment. I discovered Roddy on an internet chess game when he invited me to play with him. He saw my name which is French and he assumed i was French speaking so he challenged me and kicked my butt for the first few games. Heh heh. Roddy is a retired Fireman, if i understood his letter. Roddy only writes in French which i am learning but not very well yet. He lives in Quebec provence in Canada around a hundred or two miles from Montréal, QC
     Roddy is my toughest opponent that i am currently playing against. We started off rough with Roddy winning most of the time but since i have played him so many games now i think i am ahead slightly. Roddy also likes pool, and he plays often with his friends. Perhaps one day i will meet him in person and we can go have a few beers together.