Rural Delivery

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Here is a slice from my favorite part of my life, when we had a little Bluegrass band we called, Rural Delivery. We played all kinds of music but basically it was a Country Western/Bluegrass band.
from left to right:
John Stencil with the 12 string guitar, John's wife Sandie with 2nd fiddle, Karen Childress who was first fiddle, followed by me on the
5-string banjo but i also played harmonica, guitar and auto harp with this group as the music demanded. Next to me is Rod Holly who did not play anything but he sang pretty good. The last but not least is Dale Drake on the bass.
This particular gig was for a political rally we were hired to play out in Jamul, California at a place called the Honey Springs Ranch. A beautiful spread out in the back country with an olympic size swimming pool. Our Dobro player, Jim McAlexander was late so he did not get in to the photo.