Sandie Sedgbeer & Joel

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     This is my dear friend Sandie Sedgbeer and her favorite little guy, Joel, her grand son. Just look at those curls. You can tell by the look on her face that Sandie would not want to be any where else at the moment, proud grandma is eating it up, hanging with little Joel, and check out his smile, i think there is a mutual admiration society in the making here.
     Sandie is the one responsible for pulling me into the site association that lasted for a full decade of service to that cause for me. She "blew the whistle" on me to Steve Rother, who was looking for somebody like me to help him develop a translation program for his site.
      She gave Steve my number and that was the start of a grand adventure for me that brought me many new international friends. Many of whom still write to me even though i am no longer associated with that group.