Sharon Hoover

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     She was Sharon McShane when i met her back in the 60's and we worked for the same company. She was a production worker and i was a tooling maker. She later came into tooling and worked in the jig shop for a while and i think she even went over to Tool and Die as well. Sharon is also retired now and she lives between Laughlin and Chula Vista, traveling back and forth between the two places as her needs require.
     Sharon is also our ride to Tijuana each month when we go down there for cigarettes and booze. We save $30 a carton if we cross the border to buy cigarettes. Likewise a quart of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is only $12 a bottle down there in Mexico. Sharon and my Sonja are both smokers, so i go along for the ride and to provide for getting an extra carton or more booze. We are allowed one carton and one bottle each.