Steve Rother

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     This is the great guy for whom i worked for a decade, setting up the translation program and various other chores as we developed our friendship and areas of responsibility. Steve had a great web site but only was publishing his news letter in English. He heard from my little friend Sandie that i was a retired computer graphics engineer, with time on my hands and was also a lightworker.
      Steve contacted me and that began a great friendship as well as a super union and we got a lot of things done in the ten years i worked for Steve. If it were not for health issues, i probably would still be working for him, however he is so much better off now that Elena has taken over from me because she is doing a much better job than i did as translation manager.
      Steve is a channel for "the group", an energy gestalt he is sensitive to and can interpret information from. He has really grown over the years, traveled the world with his wife Barbara and touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of souls. He is a great guy to top it all off too.