The Entertainers

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     During my life i had the pleasure of playing in two bands and this was the second one that i enjoyed playing with. They were all retired teachers and engineers and unlike the other band i was in, these guys never charged a penny for our concerts but we would travel around San Diego County and play at convalescent hospitals, Elderly assisted living homes, and places where people were shut in or ill. We would give our little concerts to cheer them up and it was great fun.
     Front row from left t right, is me with a pan flute i made myself. Next to me is Stacey, our fiddle player who ended her own life a year or two after this photo was taken. Next to Stacey is Manuel, who played the mandolin. In the back row left to right is Diane, with an auto harp, Lynne with an auto harp, Judy with an electric bass, and John, the group leader with a guitar. John is also Lynne's husband and Stacey's father. Diane and Manuel are also married   I also played harmonica, pennywhistle and quena with this group, as the music demanded.