The Atomic Clock
(Synchronize your computer to world time)

     The atomic clock is the most accurate means of keeping time available on the earth at this time. It is accurate to a second or so in thousands of years or better and you can synchronize your computer time, internal clock to this marvelous instrument. I am not sure where it is located but it is the official timepiece for the government and military. This down load will let you to receive a small program that will allow your computer to access this Atomic clock and reset your computer's internal clock to math. When you do this, you will also get a small dialog box showing you how much adjustment was made to your computer's time keeping system. This program and been through both McAfee and Norton anti-virus programs with flying colors, so there is no need to worry about infection. I have this on my own computers and have been using it a long time now with no problems. It is one of the neatest programs i have come across in a long time.
     All you need to do is click here to start the download. Once you have the "atomic.exe" program downloaded you must run it to install the program. Once installed all you need do to reset your computer's clock is to click on the new icon your computer has that looks like the one below.

This will cause a dialog box to appear. At the top of the box is a selection called "ping now", click this and your computer will go out over the Internet to the Atomic clock on the east coast then synchronize your computer's internal clock to read the same time, accurate to a fraction of a second.