Changing the Sound


     This is what my 'Blue' flute looks like.  Blue Star, is the gentleman who made this flute and gave it to me as a gift.   This instrument is like none other that i play. I have learned to play many instruments in my life and without exception they all work the same way, regardless of what instrument it is. The music starts in my head, and then it travels out my fingers, or breath, or what ever the instrument's requirement for sound production. But it all starts in my head, where the music is stored. If i do not know the melody, then i can not play it by myself, it must first be in my head.      Once a tune is in my head, then i can play it on any instrument. However this flute is different. With this instrument i can not play a single song that i already know. I have tried many times and never with any success because the scale is a little different. What makes this instrument different is that everything i play comes from some place else, and not my head. I listen to the music, as i play the flute, and that is all i do. I listen and let my fingers and breath do what ever they want to do to give musical body to the throughts in my mind. It is the reverse of the other instruments, as it plays itself, and it does not play the same tune twice. Each time i play it, the tune is new and one that i have not heard before. This is an instrument that does not need to be learned, you simply pick it up and play it. Just like that.
      This page is to demonstrate what can be done with the sound of an instrument, once the instrument has been recorded. I pictured a misty meadow in the early dawn hours, mysterious and filled with strange energies. What came out was a tune i call "Misty Meadow", what else?    However it is what i did to the file after it was recorded that i want to demonstrate with this document. Clicking on these words will give you an idea of what can be done with the sound of a simple Native American style Flute by adding reverb and tremelo to enhance the sound and create a mood.


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