Chinese Puzzle Ball

     This was just a little "amusement" job i was fooling around with one lazy Sunday afternoon.   I was thinking of the old Chinese Puzzle balls, where some one has carved several balls, one inside the other, from a solid piece of ivory, teak wood, etc. , what ever they had to work with.    They are very intricate and detailed, not at all like this little exercise in AutoCAD.   What you are looking at is six balls, each contained in side the next larger one. Each ball has 24 eight sided holes in it and all of the balls are rotated 5 degrees in each of the X, Y, and Z axis's.   It is not difficult at all to model in AutoCAD, however it would be a real "bear" to carve from a solid piece of material. The balls are colored from largest, blue, cyan, yello, green, megenta, and the inner ball is white.

(rendered models)