(expect the best, and that's what you get)

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     We are happy or we are unhappy, depending on our situation and our expectations of what that situation should feel like. If the situation is more satisfying than we had imagined it to be, then we are happy, and if it is not, then we are (perhaps) unhappy. I say this with reserve because it all depends on the individual's vibration, experiences and so much more that i am certain there are aspects involved of which i know nothing. Happiness, like anything else, is relative so let us look instead at expectations because they are the ground work of our happiness. What do you expect of life? Don't answer that, it is only a rhetorical question. All the guys want to find a woman who looks like a playboy centerfold, is wealthy and as faithful as a dog. They would not mind if she were a little over sexed, they would just have to suffer through that trial and bite the bullet, so to speak. All the women want to find a cross between Antonio Bandaras, Steven Hawkins, Romeo, Bill Gates, Doctor Spock, and Sean Connery. Taking the best aspects from each, of course and discarding the rest. Well, why doesn't this happen?
     Belief has a big part in the expectations. Belief, and disbelief are tools which we can use to either make things happen or just wish they would and let some other energy bring the event about. Sort of like traveling "standby". Faking sincerity does not work, so we must believe our expectations will be met. If we give our magic away to somebody else and wait for good things to happen to us, they may still happen, because what you visualize strongly enough will become part of your reality from now on. We are under a new set of rules, where the mind and the thoughts have power just as any tangible item in the third dimension did. A thought, backed up by conscious intent will cause a change in your reality now. If you want something to happen strongly enough now then it will eventually come to pass by YOUR effort and intent. The mind has entered a new plane of existence on this wonderful mud ball we call Mother Earth. The earth has graduated and now we are catching up. We are one with the Earth partner, like skin covering a biological structure. We can not be separated because we are linked via our biology, which is made from the same substances as the earth. We may think of ourselves as individuals, and that is our birthright. However when our our ego's enter into the equation they sometimes confuse the issues. We tend to judge others by the way that we visualize ourselves and then sort them out and park them on levels, in a social, economical, spiritual, etc. order, according to what we expect of them. However we are all ONE. We are all a part of the whole, which is the Earth and everything on it. Not only is the little girl in Ghana, sleeping on the dirt floor of a hovel your sister, your self, but so is the dirt floor upon which she sleeps. We got a bit confused by our ego's, which were designed to give us incentive, and ambition in the first place. However we found a new use for our ego's, we could use them to judge the other parts of the Mother and evaluate their position on some imaginary scale we devised to tell us if we were the good guys or the bad guys. We could then look down on the bad guys and feel superior, or honor the good guys and create heroes.In the mean while we designed a "pecking order" with which to dominate those of lower vibration. Instead of honoring them as part of the grand plan, we used them and abused them by thinking of them as "less" than ourselves. We did not "EXPECT" very much from them. As a matter of fact, we tend to think of those of lower vibration as "suspects" when ever some situation needing a suspect arises. It is much easier to think that the young black male from a socially/ecconomically deprived area robbed the liquor store than it is to think that beloved TV evangelist would be involved in a sex scandal.
     We expect the young black man from the ghetto to resort to crime to support himself because that is what we have allowed to happen to us. We can not see that we ARE that young black man, who may have robbed a 7-11 to get medicine for his sick baby girl, and got killed in the process, leaving his widow and the baby to fend for them selves. Without sympathy nor help from anybody. Our expectations are energy signals to the universe of the way we want things to be. When enough of us want the same thing, then that thing becomes a tangible reality. Once it is a tangible reality, then it has a life of it's own and you must live with the consequences of your creation. In the words of a very dear friend, Steve Rother, "Be careful where you point that thing.". That thing is your intent. Your wishes, your expectations, and anything else you refer to as the things you would like to see come about. The warning, of course is that your wish may come true and then you will have to deal with the side effects .
     Every person i ever worked for got exactly what they expected from me. We are all connected, whether or not we know it or even disbelief it. The fact is that we are all connected like a pan of steel ball bearings in a magnetic field. Although some of us are not touching physically, we are feeling each other via the magnetic field. The magnetic field is effected by each and every body whom it encloses and it encompasses all of the ball bearings. The movement of any single ball bearing in the non-magnetic container will effect the overall magnetic field and it will change in shape and in it's ability to shape the future events which it initiates. Each and every thing we do, effects those around us, who are part of our lives. If we think good things of somebody, then they will feel it. If we think bad things about somebody then they will feel that also. It no longer matters what we say about anybody, now it matters what we "Think" about anybody, because they can feel it now. We are coming to the end of the age of lying. It will soon be impossible to lie to anybody or purposely try to deceive anybody because we are leaving the plane of existence which supported that energy. In the new energy there is no need to brag nor pretend that one is better or to be more honored than they think of them selves. There will be no deception from now on, however that is not the topic of this message. Expectations is what we are talking of right now. Most of us have not yet achieved the status of adding "mind" the the three other dimensions and are still ruled by the old energy rules. This is because of expectations. I mentioned that i never worked for anybody and not lived up to their expectations. This includes people like "JB" and "OD Lee", who expected me to screw over them unmercifully, which i gladly did.    If my boss thought that i was an asset to him, then i was a shining star in his crew and i made him look like a hero to his boss. If my boss expected me to give him the minimum then that is what he got. You see, the expectation of the individual effects the outcome of the event. We did not know it before, so we could not adjust to the fact that we shape our own reality. We are dependent on the expectations of those with whom we surround ourselves. Our actions and our responses to stimuli from those around us help shape the aura of existence under which we will interface. If i meet a person and instinctively do not trust him, then this will be conveyed to him in a negative energy input and he in turn will not like me. We "live up to our expectations". This is how it is. If you don't believe it, then i challenge you to a contest of truth. Evidently you are ready for the shift to enlightenment of how powerful you really are. Here is the test: Think of the person whom you dislike most in the world and then think of things which you can see in that person that you consider "redeeming qualities". Expand on the redeeming qualities and think of ways to express these as compliments the next time you and this person whom you dislike meet. Make it a sincere compliment, complete with smiles and warmth, and you will soon be friends with your worst enemy. Follow the loving tugs, and ignore the feelings which evoke negative emotions. Your expectations are sent out as intent to the universe and the universe takes note of it, adding or subtracting it from all the other intentions of the Mother. (Remember we are one with Mother so that is us too) If you expect some body is inept or clumsy then that plants a seed in your aura and when your aura interfaces with the aura of another then that impression is passed on to that person. If that person regards you as a valid source of information then they take that bias with them to their next encounter with others of your social circle. When you all get together again you share the feeling that the individual of whom you were judging was indeed clumsy and he will probably start to demonstrate those qualities. If one person in your circle of friends is considered by some to be intelligent, then you can be assured that this person will feel this and it will help him to become more intelligent, even if he was not before everybody thought he was. The expectations permeate the future and steer our reality. If you expect a person to be something then that is most likely the way that person will turn out. If your feelings are powerful, then they may effect the feelings of others, and soon there will be enough energy to actually shape your reality. It is our power now to shape our environment, not only physical but social as well. We are all important. We are all here to perform a part in the grand scheme of things and most importantly, we are ONE. The cellar of a building is no less important than the penthouse, just because it is on a lower level. We are given blessings so as to be a blessing to others, and not to lord it over anybody. Everybody is just as important as everybody else. This means that the hand does not vie for position with the foot for glory. The hand says, "I am a hand, and i am of value. I can do things that even the brain can not do." We are all part of the same being. We are Humanity. Not just the smart ones, nor the rich ones, nor the privileged, but all of the living, breathing beings on the earth, along with every other manifestation of the Mother. We are family. Expect the best from every body you meet and sincerely believe that your intent will effect their effort. It will, you know? You have power beyond the third dimension now. You are not bound by the limits of the old energy and you are free to lose your fears, if you so choose. Fear is an old energy and it has shaped our expectations for ages. Fear is the source of prejudice and fear is the source of all the terrible things we do to each other. Hate is only a manifestation of fear. It is FEAR that is the opposite of LOVE. The two can not exist in the same situation, so when you expect anything from anybody, and that expectation is based on the old energy, then the result will most likely be one of negativity. It was based on fear and so all of the "shields were up" preventing the love to flow. Likewise if you expect the best from somebody, you actually improve your odds of getting the results you are looking for and help that person to achieve their best in the process. Your expectations are felt and help to shape the reality in which you live. We can help change the world with our expectations so lets expect the best from everybody be meet, and every situation we enter. Noble thoughts of a person will help that person behave in a noble way, and if enough of us think the same way then it is almost a certainty we will alter the situation for the betterment of all and create a much happier place in which to live.

Jean-Paul Dery 7-25-01