The Déry Family Tree

     My Ancestor came from Spain as a soldier in the "Flanders",  around the 15th century.  He probably stayed and raised his family there.    Some came from Normandy about a 100 years later and my branch of the tree started there.  Another story says that 3 brothers from the Basque region, (soldiers of fortune) came to Marseilles and my Ancestor us one who settled  there.  At any length, the original Family name was
Dhery  and either Nicolas Déry  changed it or the h " was dropped prior to that, but it appears that Nicolas used the Déry" spelling,  he was my 10th generation ancestor and married Elisabeth Bertrand.  The Family then migrates to Quebec Where Maurice Déry married Madeline Phillipeau on the 16th of January, in 1679.    Louis Benjamin Déry married Elisebeth Gagnon on 19 September 1724.    Joseph Déry married Louise Noreau on the 22nd of November 1771.  Louis Déry married Thérèse Plamondon on July 29, 1776.    Henri Déry married Marie Pamela Lecterc on July 21, 1857.  Napoleon Déry (my paternal grandfather) married Rosanna Bouchard on July 20, 1908. My father, Thomas-Louis Déry married my mother Violette Charland in July of 1933.    My brother Noël Thomas Déry lives in Wilmington, Vermont.  Napoleon Déry married twice, his first marriage was June 18, 1901 to Marie-Anna Maltais .  From this marriage my father's older, half brother, Henri Déry, was born.   My father's younger brothers are Gerard, Paul, Phillipe, and Benoit.  He also has sisters Doris, Maria, Anne- Marie, Jeanne.   I don't know who is still alive as we have lost contact with my father's side of the family.

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