My House From Space
     Here is a shot of my house taken from  the Google Earth program.   My house is the one with the push pin in it.  The green areas you see all around my place and in the surrounding dark areas are vegetation.  Trees mostly and bushes.   The dark eleptical area on the west side of my house is our fish pond.   We have Cat Tails growing there that are 12 feet tall.  You can see by this shot that i am in the middle of everybody else's back yard.   I am in the heart of it all and still isolated from the street.  As you see my house lies between two streets.   To the north of me is J street (up is north) and to the south of me is Arthur St.   I only have access to J street via a long driveway from my house to the street.  The large intersection you see here is the corner of Broadway (running north and south) and w. J street (running east and west).   If you travel a couple of blocks to the west (left) you will be in the marina / park area, and right near the water.   You can see it all better from the photos below.
You can see here a closer view of my place from space.  I am surrounded by trees and growing stuff as well as being in the middle of the block and off the street.  Although you cannot see it in this shot, because the trees hide it, but at the south west (north is up) corner of my place is a 12 x 19 ft. redwood deck.  it is over grown with ivy now so you cannot see it bery well.  Neither can you see the shed, situatated south of my house, against the fence to my neighbor's place behind us.

The House
Here is a shot of my front door. I am looking northwesterly in this shot. We are surrounded by trees and high hedges and pretty well isolated from the street. It is great to be close to everything yet still off the street. Up stairs we have the master bedroom, walk in shower and walk in closets. We have a small balcony over looking the back yard, facing west. My garage door is open and you can see the upstirs bedroom, above the garage. We had the upstairs put on several years ago and as the kids grew up and left, we converted the bedrooms into other things; computer room, music room, guest room, etc. Here is our ill-fated little dog, Shadow. Shadow got weird and we had to put her up for adoption.


The Front Yard

These four shots are of my front yard, looking from different directions. As you can see, we have a lot of greenery for a desert area.

This shot is a little farther back from the first one, showing my front door.

Here is a shot of the front yard looking in a north eastern direction. You can see Shadow again in the yard.

This last shot is looking straight west, at my front door from the edge of my yard.


The Back Yard

I designed this deck on AutoCAD, a computer aided design package, and then built it from a load of redwood i picked up really cheap. I had enough wood for a deck and a half and it only cost me $100.00, plus i had to clean up the area after ward.

It is a good thing i took these photos when the yard looked like civilized man lived here. Now the place looks like it may be the domicile for Tarzan of the apes. You can not see the bottom of the pooland the entire yard is over grown with ivy.

If you look closely you can see my dear friends, Jim and Karen Evans. They are both fine musicians and are involved in many musical activities. Here Jim is playing guitar while Karen is working the melody on a mandolin. She also plays violin and viola, in a string quartet.

Jim teaches music and orchestra and plays many instruments. Jim and Karen recently moved to Lumpoc, CA and obscurity. Karen wants to be a school principal and Jim, who is simi-retired, has a small Kerioke business.

I got a great deal on a great big load of red wood and built a deck in the back yard.   These shots were taken a while ago and my back yard looks more like a jungle now than a garden.   The shallow end of the pool is water lilies and i have a bunch of fish in the pond now.  It is not a pool any more, it is a pond and a little eco system.  The fish feed them selves, except for a slice of bread now and then that i toss in to see them scramble for it.   They all have at least tripled their sizes since we put them in there.  This is what the yard looked like when i finished the deck and before the ivy took over and made my yard look like a rain forest on steroids.

The Neighborhood

This first shot above, is my favorite meditating spot.  I go here and play music, read, think and just be one with everything around me.  That building in the background is where i used to work when i was an engineer. 

The above shot is looking east towards my house (about 1/3 mile away).  That is my blue pickup parked at left. 
That storm you see in the distance came through so fast we never got much of it at all.

Here are two more shots of the park and marina area.  I live in a very nice place.  I never could afford to buy my house today.  Now that i am retired, i would never qualify for the loan i would need to buy the place.

This is a shot of a small portion of the marina at the end
of my street. Again, we are looking east. Those big ugly looking storm clouds were really dramatic

Bay Area Panorama

     These shots were taken in a full 360 degree circle. If you made a strip of the photo and joined the ends, then you would have a good representation of what it looks like standing in the field and looking around you. The ideal would be to make wall paper from the shot and completely cover the inside of a silo, or a cylinder shaped room. Then standing in the center you would really get the feeling of being there and "in" the picture.

This is the romping grounds for my canine friends.  These fields are a buffer zone between civilization and the wild life sanctuary, wet lands reserve at the north/west end of Chula Vista.  These shots encompass a full 360 degrees of view.  It is very difficult to match the brightness from frame to frame and when the individual shots are stitched together the differences are very clear and tough to fix.   One day i will redo these shots and do a better job of matching.

Here you can get a good idea of the "bending" effect of the rotating camera. See how the shore line seems to be curved around, away from the viewer? This distortion disappears when the shot is viewed from the inside of a looped photo. (ends joined). Actually the shore line on the left side goes in the opposite direction as the one on the right side, but here they look like they are both in front of the camera.


Above is an expanded shot of the ruins.  My quiet spot is between those two pine trees.  That is Hector on the right and Inez on the left.  Since these shots were taken,  the City gave all this land to the San Diego Port.  They bulldozed all the ruins out and now there is only dirt here.  They left the trees however and now they are going to build a park on this spot.  The 'ruins' used to be a Chinese restaurant back in 1965, when i came out to California.  I have had many spiritual awakenings and revelations on this spot.  It is a special place for me and when i am here i feel at "home".