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February 26, 2011

   Added new tutorial, Lab P6-41on the to Bruce's Corner .  Added necessary graphics and practice labs to support the new section of my web site.


February 15, 2011

   Added new item on the Main Menu links to Bruce's Corner.  Added necessary graphics, web pages, links and practice labs to support the new section of my web site.


April 23, 2010

   Added new item to the Sea Stories Menu, titled "A Soap Opera from Life".   Added associated sound files to support the new addition.   Altered home page to reflect changes.


February 22, 2010

    Added new icon to home page menu for " JP's Music Album ", a collection of music, gathered over a 50 year period and featuring JP's playing on various instruments.  Because it is a three CD set, i have presented the tunes as they appear on each disc.


January 26, 2010

Removed two photos from the family album, upon request of the subject and added two new ones in their place.


January 15, 2010

Completely redid the Family photo album.


December 24, 2009

Completely redid the Friends photo album.


September 20, 2009

Added Video Clips page.   Added video clips to site.


July 26, 2009

Rebuilt the Bay Walk section completely, and changed the link on the main menu to reflect the new files and locations.   Deleted all the old files from the site and added new locations to the maps as well as new links.  Replaced all graphics with the new batch.


July 21, 2009

Created a new link on home page menu items, called "Video Stroll Down my Street" and associated animated gif file.   Created a new page titled "Bay Walk".  Added several short .avi videos of the bay area at the end of my street.


April 23, 2009

Created a new link on the main menu, Called Remembering Mom.  Created a new Page called Remembering Mom.    Added three Videos of Violette Déry.  Added several Poems by Violette Déry.  


April 13, 2009

Updated the Biography and changed the voice on the narration sound file.


September 21, 2008

Added the story of Howie, Don and I to the Sea Stories section of my site.  The file is titled "The Terrible Trio".



July 27, 2008

Updated the "Using the Magic", file by adding a missing menu item titled, "My New Laptop".  


June 27, 2008

    Added a new section on Mathematical Formula References.   A formula for almost every geometric shape.



June 13, 2008

     I changed the Puzzles page by adding some New Puzzles.  I also updated the answer page by adding the solution to all the new puzzles and to an old ones that have been unanswered for years, 12 balls and a two pan balance scale. for one.



Jan 31, 2008

Fixed a bunch of bad links in my "Live Cam" menu and added a few locations.  Conducting current "broken link" invesigation and making fixes as i find them.


Jan 10, 2008

Added new item to the Goodies Bin menu titled "Proposal to the Pharaoh".  Updated the index page to reflect the change.


Jan 5, 2008

Added new link to Crave Energy Drink on my Favorite Links menu on my home page.  Updated the visiting countries tally to 81, from 80.


Jan 4, 2008

Added new file titled "My Restless Funnel",  Updated the the Using The Magic page by adding the link to this file on the main menu.  Added "MyRestlessFunnel.wma" sound file to the Music folder


Dec 19, 2007

Added new file titled "That Pesky Vortex",  Updated the the Philosophies page by adding the link to this file on the main menu.  Added "PeskyVortex.rm" sound file to the Music folder


Dec 8, 2007

Updated the Misc page by adding a menu item, Cosmic Comparisons.    Added Cosmic Comparison page to my site.


Dec 4, 2007:

Revised and updated my bioraphy by adding a new recent photo taken at age 71.



Oct. 21, 2007:

Revised and updated my Don Morgan's World of Indian Lore page by adding a link to his CD where eventually the public will be able to obtain copies.  Added a new page Called PastWisdomCD.htm that contains a sampling of the CD that is
titled, "Past Wisdom" .



Oct. 15, 2007:

Revised and updated my short movie clip menu by adding a half dozen new clips.  Revised the Criss Angel Menu to add the vanishing toothpick trick.


Sept  28 2007:

Revised and updated my Stereo-Grams by fixing broken return links.

Revised and updated My Life In Pictures by fixing 34 broken links to photos.

Revised menu on my Philosophies Page and fixed broken links links.

Revised the  music_menu.html#jams by adding a missing tune

Revised the "Spooky", page by fixing broken links.


Sept 1, 2007:

Revised and updated my biography, long version.  Re-recorded the narration and replaced both the Bio.html and the sound file that drives the narration.


April 28, 2007:

Added an item to the Optical Illusions Menu titled, "Who Says Spelling Counts".  A curious bit of information about spelling.



March 14, 2007:

Revised the home page by updating my introduction and placing a re-direct link page on my old site at, where my site had resided for the past 6 years.   The link simply redirects the visitor to the new site at


March 7,, 2007:

Revised the home page by deleting some text and graphics to make the menu  unified.  Added  a new item to the graphic menu titled, "Back-up Area", which will be used for off line storage and may not be available to the public.


February 16, 2007:

Added  a few dozen jokes and such to the Jokes section of the Misc menu.  Updated the Home Index page to reflect the time of the last update.


January 15, 2007:

Added one item, "The Un-lost Keys", to the, "Using The Magic" document.   Changed the arial shot of my house in the, My Home, document and edited the text.  Changed the color shot for the black and white one. 


September 18, 2006:

Added one item to the Sea Stories Menu, titled The Tarzan Tree.


August 2, 2006:

Added the new link to the Philosophies Page .   Added the Using the Magic page to the site, describing various co-creations and reality shifts.  Added various sound files associated with the new page.


June 27, 2005:

Added to main menu icons and added a photo album of Don Morgan's Indian art.



May 16, 2004:

Edited the "Spooky Stuff" page and added sound enhancement. The page can now be listened to, as well as read.



December 30, 2003:

Altered the "Philosophies" menu by adding several new links to thoughts and ideas from email correspondence..


October 6, 2003:

Altered home page by adding link to Nur's Site, "letters from JP" section. Excerpts from letters i have sent to her in response to questions she had asked me.


August 28, 2003:

Altered Philosophies menu by adding Promises, Promises page


August 25, 2003:

Altered Philosophies menu by adding Best and the Worst page and Dimensional Planes of Existence page.


August 2, 2003:

Altered the Philosophies menu by adding an essay on Dimensional Planes of existence.  Added sound file Dimensional_Planes.rm to the music directory.   Added sound file, "Expectations.rm" to the Essay on Expectations.


July 15, 2003:

Added an item, "Idiots Quiz" to the Misc page menu and added the Idiots Quiz page to the site along with the answer page.


March 21, 2003:

Added some more riddles to the riddles page and made an answer sheet.  Added some more posers to the posers menu and updated that answer sheet.


March 15, 2003:

Added "How to build a train whistle" to the music page.  Added sound clips of the prototype whistle.  


March 8, 2003:

Added some posers to the puzzles, posers, & problems page.


February 27, 2003:

Added some riddles to the riddles page.  Added some more fingering charts and links to tunes on the staff flute. Altered the music page by adding more tunes to the walking staff menu.


February 25, 2003:

Altered the music page by adding more tunes to the walking staff menu.   Changed the animated icon representing the Puzzles, Problems and Posers section to Albert Einstein getting an idea.   Altered home page by enhancing the last update message with animation's.



February 15, 2003:

Altered the music page by adding "how to build a walking staff flute" to the menu.   Added several fingering charts to the site for the Walking Staff - Flute music. 


February 13, 2003:

Added a new link to the Music Menu for my latest project, the Walking Staff Flute.   Added a new page called Staff Flute that shows some details of the instrument.


February 12, 2003:

Added link to Children of The New Earth, on line version of the new hard copy magazine, to my "Favorite Links" section.   Added new link to the Penny Whistle page for fingering charts to the tunes on the site.



January 31, 2003:

Added new penny whistle tune to the penny whistle menu.   Added a link on the Penny Whistle page to access fingering charts for the tunes.   Added some penny whistle fingering charts to play tunes that are on the site.


January 25, 2003:

Exchanged graphic title on home page for old text version.   Font style is "Aunt Judy"


January 9, 2003:

Fixed broken links to the Cyber Friends page and updated formats of all the files residing there.



December 27, 2002:

Added a new American Flute tune to the music menu page.   Added several new photos to the Friends photo album.


December 12, 2002:

Fixed some broken links to graphics on "My life in Photos" page and updated the formats .   Removed the tune "Old Home Place" from my site by request of the copyright holder who somehow saw this as a threat to somebody's livelihood... go figure, eh?


November 16, 2002:

Added a couple of jokes to the Jokes Page.


November 11, 2002:

Added a poser to the Poser Menu and changed the location of the hidden link to the answers sheet to make it a little more difficult to find.


July 31, 2002:

Added "Mental Acuity " page to the "Misc." menu and related sound file.


July 9, 2002:

Added "Optical Illusions" page to the "Misc." menu.


July 6, 2002:

Added a four new photos to the "friends" menu.


June 24, 2002:

Added a new selection to the Music Menu, titled, Jim Evans Original Tunes. Added 8 original tunes played and sung by Jim Evans.


May 29, 2002:

Added several new photos to the Déry Clan photo sheet.


May 18, 2002:

Added the Atomic Clock download option to the Links menu on the home page.   Added trivia items to the Trivia page.


May 15, 2002:

Added the "mind reading trick" to my Misc. menu and a hit tracking program who's icon is found at the extreme bottom of the home page.


April 29, 2002:

Added graphics to the Sea Stories, Trivia, Darwin Awards, What Tree are You?, and Numbers and Mathematics pages.


April 24, 2002:

Added visitor counter to the bottom of the home page. Added more live cams to the Live Cam menu.

April 23, 2002:

Revised the Live Cam links. Added graphics to the Live Cam page. Corrected all incomplete links.

April 16, 2002:

Added some graphics to the poser section of the site and edited some of the posers to reestablish links and graphic to broken connections.


April 8, 2002:

Added new guest book, with options for either viewing or leaving comments.

April 7, 2002:

Added graphics to the Biography page and revised the text and sound files for the short and long versions.


April 5, 2002:

Added more animated graphics to the home page, the misc. page, and this page.


April 5,, 2002:

Removed old photos from Main Menu and replaced them with Animated graphics. Added Gaia animated graphic to home page.


March 27, 2002:

Added a new section to the Music menu page for the Quena.   Added the tune, Innisheer, to the Quena menu selection


March 6, 2002:

Removed link to guest book, which is no longer supported. Added e-mail address to greeting on home page and a button bar at bottom of home page.


February 9, 2002:

Added Co-Creation page with audio, and Repeating numbers, to the Philosophies and View points page.
Altered Constants and Numbers menu by adding repeating numbers to that block also. Added link to USGS Satellite item to the Favorite links menu and moved the live video camera selection from the "More Stuff" area of the index page, to the Favorite Links area.


January 30, 2002:

Added sound files to autobiographies and sea stories sections so viewer can "hear" the story if they do not feel like actually reading it but would still like to know what it contains.


January 28, 2002:

Fixed all the broken links on the 3-D stereoptic pictures menu


January 27, 2002:

Added the tune "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" to the music page Group music menu


23 December 2001:

Added "Farewell to Summer" to the Native American Flute menu on the main music menu, and the related data file.


15 November 2001:

Altered the Music page by adding link to "changing the sound", demonstration . Altered the music menu page by adding Native American Flute tune, Misty Meadow.


11 November 2001:

Changed the link to the Hunger Site to match with the new location.


25 August 2001:

Finally finished fixing all the links on the main menu photo album items. The menu selections that have thumbnail photos displayed have all been brought up to date, i hope.


25 July 2001:

Added "Expectations" essay to the "Philosophies & View Points" menu item.


9 May 2001:

Added a new item to the " More Stuff " section of the main menu, titled "Live video" which is a link menu to live video cameras scattered around San Diego and other locations.


7 May 2001:

Added, 5 new tunes to the "harmonica" menu on the music page.   Finished editing links on the "Baker Clan" photo album, and started on the Déry Clan links.


30 April 2001:

Added, "Waltzing Matilda", to the Penny Whistle menu.


29 March 2001:

     Revised pages and links for the stereogram section of the site.


2 March 2001:

     Moved all the files from my 5 scattered web site and put everything in one place.   The changing of formats, links and associations will take me a couple of months to complete as i have hundreds of pages to edit and change.  If you experience broken links or missing graphics, please write to me and i will fix the problem.


21 December 2000:

1. Added a new link to NASA's photo gallery taken from satellites, space shuttle,      Hubble telescope and space probes.    Favorite links area effected.


15 December 2000:

1. Added more whistle tunes to the "Penny Whistle Tunes" menu


8 December 2000:

1. Added new page, "Count Your Blessings" to the Lightworker site.

2. Added more penny whistle tunes to the site.


6 December 2000:

1. Added the Penny Whistle music link, and recordings of my playing.

2. Added link to Star Quest.    Channeled message from Michael Archangel


15 September 2000:

Added the Solara and the 11:11 link to the "Favorite Links" area of the index page.



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