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(Click here, to listen to these instruments)


Home made
instruments gallery

Photos of some instruments i have made

Making a Simple flute

A piece of bamboo with a few holes and you have it

Making a Native American type flute

A very different design with two air chambers

Making a Pan Flute

Some bamboo, string and a little wax is all you need

Making a Penny Whistle

This one i made from an old tent pole

Making a Quena

A dificult flute type instrument to play but most expressive and beautiful to hear in the hands of somebody who really know how to play.

How to Make a Walking Staff Flute

This one i made from bamboo it is over five feet long and also makes an excellent walking staff as well as a nice flute.   click this link to see What it looks like and sounds like.

How to Make a wooden train whistle

This one i made from slicing a 10 inch length of 2x4 in half and used one half to make the train whistle, which gives a very realistic sound when blown. To get an idea of what it sounds like click here.

Changing the Sound

   Here is a good example of how the sound of an instrument can be altered. I record this flute and enhance the recorded file afterwards by changing
the sound envelope.

Would you like to hear what some of these instruments sound like?   I have recorded myself playing them, and if you will click on the photo to the left, of the penny whistle and the pan flute, you will be taken to my music menu where you can select a variety of tunes and a variety of instruments. I have also included some music i recorded playing with my friends.  

     As you can see by now, music and things musical have a real fascination for me and i love to get into an instrument and see how it works, then go on to build one for myself and learn to play it.  These simple instruments can be build easily by almost anybody.