Testing the Parable
(How i got my web site)

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     A big part in my spiritual awakening (life changing actually) was due to the writings of Lee Carroll.  Lee lives just up the coast from me a few miles, in Rancho San Diego, i believe it is.  Lee is a channel for the Magnetic Master, Kryon.  Kryon is responsible for the shift in the earth's magnetic grid to allow for closer alignment with our magnetic D. N. A. components and the cosmic lattice.  The mechanism by which we communicate beyond the void.  That is why you cannot turn on the TV these days without running into one psychic net work after another, claiming their psychics are the best and the real thing.   Well they all may be.   Everybody is some what psychic these days.  That is how it is...   now, all we need do, is to know it and believe it, if we want to use it..   We are all getting "tuned in" a little closer than in the past few millennia.  From  the many Kryon changelings, Lee has transcribed many lessons from Kryon in the form of Parables.  The Kryon book 4, "The Parables of Kryon", is a collection of these parables, from the other books.  The parable of the Speeding Car and the Washed Out Bridge is one of my favorites.
    It portrays a person in a speeding car heading toward a bridge that has been reported washed out.   The Driver has been made to know that there is no bridge to cross the river but that there will be something done, at the proper moment, to prevent the disaster, if he only has trust  that this is the truth, and continue speeding towards the missing bridge.   The man continues on his straight path, frightened perhaps a little, but calm in the knowledge if he keeps on his course other forces will take care of the problems, as they present them selves.  This is his contract and he believes it will be will when the time comes.  The future is a moving target and many things need to be fulfilled to make everything happen the way it could.  Just because he knows the bridge is out, he also knows that he is doing what he is supposed to do.  As Davy Crockett was reputed to say, " Make sure you're right, then go ahead."   As the parable ends, when the man arrives at the site where the bridge was washed out, a detour took him to an even grander and better, new bridge that he had not known was even being built. There was a lesson in there for me and all i had to do was find it and apply it to my life.   Summed up in 5 words, i could be saying, "Let it all hang out."  For the feeling of abandon it portrays.  Summed up in 3 words, it could be saying, "Go for it.".   A summary of only 2 words could be, "Don't worry".  But i have it down to one word now, "Believe".. 
      Belief is enabling and empowering.  Is it any wonder that Jesus admonished his disciples with, "Oh, ye of little faith." Routine?  He knew what belief could accomplish.  They knew but did not believe in them selves.  This trust is something that i have been claiming for my own these days.   It is there for everybody who wants it.  It is absolutely, Free, with no strings attached to the gift, except that of believing that it is so.   Of course, this may be an impossible price to pay for many people, especially skeptics..   I have had a chance to test this parable a few years ago, myself, and i want to share the experience with you.

    After three years of idle mischief, lounging around and enjoying my retirement since 1996, i guess my guiding forces were churning out my contract in the background because a lot of things had been happening to me very quickly over the previous 6 months before this.  But let me start at the beginning, and back up a year or two,  to a time in the past, before i was "plucked" out of my comfy existence as a retired lazy guy, and plopped, smack down, in the middle of some pretty exciting and time consuming pursuits.

    As i mentioned i have read the Kryon material and while visiting the Kryon site, i noticed references to another New Age site called Lightworker.com.  Well i went there and soon found out that information was quite similar to the Kryon messages and were resonating with me.  I kept finding myself nodding in agreement as i read the Beacons of Light meditations that were posted monthly on the Lightworker  site.  The site was run by a fellow named, Steve Rother, and he was a channel for, "the group".  The group was the compound energy he was channeling.   I signed up for the bulletins and made the Lightworker.com one of my regular stops when surfing the net.   As i continued to read the Beacons of Light, the information rang chords in me that told me, "and so it is...".    I was spending most of my day playing on the computer, or out in the garage building musical instruments, playing music with my friends, and just having fun enjoying my idle life as a retired person.  I had learned enough to co-create for myself a very comfy life of ease and enjoyment.  I had even gone so far as to attempt to put up a web page for myself.  Try is a good word because i never was able to do it.  I had reserved a site at Geo-Cities and they gave me two megs to work with.  However after two years and numerous tries to get anything built, or put up on the site, i still had not moved in..  Html was just another anagram to me, and it may as well been some dead language.  I knew nothing of F T P programs or anything one needs to know to maintain a web site..  Me?  I could not even move in to the one i already had, because i still did not know how to do it,  after two years of having one, just waiting for me to move into, while failing miserably for all that time.  Each attempt convincing me all the more that it was too difficult.          
    Around the end of July, 1999 or early August, a strange thing happened to me.  I got a phone call from this guy, Steve Rother.  The very same one who was publishing the, Beacons of Light, that i had been enjoying for the past year or more.  Here he was calling, ME...  "Wow!", i thought to myself.   "This guy is calling, ME"  J.P. Dee  ree... out of all the people who read his bulletins, he is calling ME !".         Well, it seems what Steve wanted from me was to help him on his web sites.  He had since set up a second site called Planet lightworker.com which was a new age on line magazine   and sister site to lightworker.com..    It was run by a  lovely little lady from England, called Sandie.  I found out later on that it was Sandie, who had tipped off, Steve, and prompted him to call me in the first place.  
      Steve explained that he was mailing to 79 countries but he was only publishing the beacons  in English.  He wanted to translate them into as many different languages as he could and he wanted me to do all the HTML and FTP work for him on his web sites, as well as organize and create his translation program for him...   I almost laughed, 
out loud at the thought of taking on a job that i had failed at so miserably for the past two years.  i may have laughed, I cannot remember, i will have to ask Steve some day.  Well, I told, Steve, that although i read his bulletins and would love to help him out, he was asking me to do something that i could not do for myself, after two years of trying and failing.  I told him that i had zero knowledge of HTML;  it could have stood for Ham, & Tomato, Mayonnaise and Lettuce sandwich, for all that i knew.   I told him that i had been trying to connect with my own site for two years and had not been successful.   Steve didn't seem very concerned about any of that.  He just said, "You will learn.".
   It did not seem to bother him to call a complete stranger and give him the "keys to the kingdom" so to speak, in the form of the big time pass words and things i would have to have to work on his site.  He seemed not to care if i could do it or not, almost as though he knew something that i did not know.  And looking back, indeed he did.     Steve wanted to get together as soon as possible and two days off was the soonest we could make the date.  This was on a Friday when he called and we were to meet at his home the following Sunday.  At that time, Steve, only lived  around 40 miles, ( 63 km) or less in a north/east direction from me, in a strange place called, Poway .  I call it strange because anybody who has ever drove through Poway on route 67 will tell you it looks like a giant had made a monster sundae out of the hills and sprinkled them with nuts.  In this case the nuts were giant rocks.   The hills surrounding Poway are full of these big, mostly round, rocks, sprinkled all over the place.  I mean rocks as big as a house in some cases.  Not light weight pebbles of only a few tons.  They are all over the hills, just hanging there, like magic.  I don't understand why they don't come rolling down every time the ground shakes.  They just sit there looking like crushed walnuts embedded in whipped cream. 
Well, i agreed to go meet with him, after all i had nothing to lose and i had an opportunity to meet Steve himself, which was worth the drive alone.   Actually it was a little weird because after he heard all my excuses, he still asked me to join him and help out.    I did not hesitate, but said, "Yeah, sure,i'll be happy to help any way i can.".  It was as though somebody else was talking with my voice.  I more heard myself accepting than remember actually saying it.   Well now here is where the weird stuff starts.

    When i told Steve that i would help him.   I had nothing to bring to the table.  Quite the opposite in this case because the very thing he was asking me to do was something i was failing at for two years.  Yet, like the guy in the car, speeding toward the washed out bridge, i thought to my self, "It will be OK by the time i must do it.  When i need it, then it will be there.", So i said sure, why not?   We had agreed to meet in only two days and i had to learn something about this stuff he was asking me to do so i decided to give it another try and see if i could do something with my still vacant web site over at Geo-cities.   Come to find out it was no longer there or i still could not connect, even tried to sign up again and it only told me the name was already taken.  I decided to just give in and stop trying so hard on this web site.   So i gave up on GeoCities and I said bye bye to my, almost site, and decided to start fresh from Ground Zero.   I looked around and found  that my own internet provider service was giving each member a, 5 megabyte, web space to play with.  Well i figured, "What the heck... i can not do anything by repeating my old mistakes over and over again so i may as well get a little help." 

      I told my angels, guides, ascended masters, teachers, what ever you want to call the spirits that come to our aid when we need them, that this was something important to me and how about a little help?  I was facing a task that had proven beyond my abilities so far and i needed to learn this stuff in only two days.  I wanted at least to be able to let Steve know any how that i no longer thought HTML was a, deli sandwich.  So i just put out the word to my angels, and let go.  Put the pedal to the metal, spiritually and stopped thinking about the complexities involved.  I just dove in to it trusting that i would succeed.  I would be shown, guided, what ever term you want to apply to the help i got if fine with me.  It does not change the magic nor diminish the accomplishment.  Because, by the time i met with Steve i not only had my own web site up and running, with photo galleries, and work shops, and puzzles and all sorts of goodies and links, but i had the home page itself in 6 different languages.   English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.  And when i was finished, i did not know any more about HTML nor FTP than i did before i started.  I could not have told you afterward what i did to put all that stuff up but there it was as positive proof.   Steve was mildly impressed, mildly because i had used Netscape for my html editor and Netscape, like Word, makes a messy and cluttered html code page.  However, he was delighted that i would help him and i was "hired" on the spot.    After all my problems with Web Sites, I had done in two days what i could not do in the previous two years of trying and done it six times, one for each of those languages.  And the big mystery is still, how?  I could not tell you then and i can not tell you now, in purely physical terms.  However we all know what really happened.   I did not slow down for a second when i found myself on that road to the washed out bridge.  I pushed a little harder on the gas pedal and sped down the middle of the road towards something that was not there.  I said YES and in saying yes, i was given the means to do the job.  It did not come from my ego for certain because up till now Mr. ego could not even log on to his own site.  I "gunned it" and, barreled, down the road at top speed, trusting my bridge was going to be there, and it was.    All i need do is follow the nudges and tugs and center myself in the place that feels the best of all.  Where i find that i am the happiest, it is there, where i can do the most good for all.  Pedal to the metal, and full speed ahead.  Who needs bridges when you can fly?

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