Penny Whistle tunes

This is the most common type of penny whistle. This is made from a brass tube with 6 holes of proper size, and spaced to give the 8 notes of the scale. The sound producing part is made of plastic and called a "fipple" and is pressed over the blowing end of the pipe and adjusted for the fundamental tone by sliding it forward or back slightly for the pitch adjustment. Two full octaves are achieved by controlling the blowing pressure.

This is the original Clarke "penny whistle" . Made from sheet metal, and wood, since 1843. The fipple is built in on this type of whistle and is not adjustable. Notice also this whistle tapers and is smaller at the far end than at the blowing end. This whistle is the one used to play the tunes shown below as it has a more mellow tone on the high octave than the "Generation" penny whistle shown above this one. There is a piece of wood jamed into the blowing end and an indentation on the barrel to form for blowing edge of the fipple.

These tunes are all being played on "D" penny whistle

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