Come in, the waters fine

     We had a swimming pool but after 17 years of cleaning it and paying for the upkeep and only using it a few dozen times in all those years, i decided to turn it into a fish pond instead.  So i let it set unattended for a year.  It got murky and dark as sediment, leaves, and such fell in and drifted to the bottom.  Algae and fungi blossomed and soon the pool had transformed into a pond.  We got some fish and put them in there, unattended to see if they would live.  We never fed them but they thrived alone and bred as well.   When i started to notice little fishes, then we went back to the pet store and got some more.   Our fish population started out at around 25 and the longest was only about 3" or so but now we have hundreds and some are over 8" long.  I guess the unrestricted area and the occasional piece of bread i toss them produces growth.  One of their favorite treats is Cheerios, they love Cheerios and they float till they are all eaten.
  This is not one of our fish however, this guy is just for effect. Ours are more like coi and gold fish, with one Figgero looking one right out of Disney's movie Pinocchio.  Flowing wispy fins and tail, all white with a brilliant red head. The name of these fish is Red Cap Orandas.