My Dad

       This is Thomas-Louis Déry, my dad.  Or what my dad looked like when he hit the united states in the early 30's.   He was a dark Frenchman from the wilds of upper Quebec, Canada.   Dad was a "Music Man", exactly like the guy in the broadway musical.  He worked for a Canadian Home Study School and he traveled from city to city setting up music schools.  He would hire the instructors, procure the property, organize the entire school and hold the first recital.  After the first recital, the school ran itself and my dad moved on to another city.   When i was born my dad was teaching in MA and my arrival put a big crimp in his traveling.  He had to settle down so he quit music and we moved to Connecticut, where i was raised.   My dad never played music again and eventually my brother and i ruined his instruments.  We were little terrors when we were kids.  It is a wonder we survived dad's wrath, we were always in trouble.